Solar for All NOLA offers 100% of solar feasible homeowners and business owners an easy solution with either a no money down, no credit requirement solar lease with energy efficiency upgrades, or traditional financing for eligible homeowners and small businesses who wish to acquire a solar energy system.

PosiGen Solar and Solar Alternatives provide free solar evaluations to all homeowners and small business owners interested in the cost-saving benefits of clean energy.

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What is Solar For All?

Solar And Energy Efficiency For All

Energy Efficiency paired with Solar? It just makes sense. Many of our solar programs require no minimum credit score and have no payment escalators to help you save even more.

Solar panels generate energy that your whole house uses to reduce the amount of power purchased from the utility company. Since solar works in daytime, any extra energy generated turns your meter backwards and provides credits that can be used to pay for electricity taken from the grid at night.

Solar will run almost any size loads or appliances as long as the sun is out and there are enough solar panels. At night or in bad weather when solar isn’t operating, the utility will provide supplemental power. Solar is often combined with energy efficiency to reduce your bills as much as possible.

Leasing provides a guaranteed no-upfront cost, no-credit-check solar system with energy efficiency and lifetime monitoring and maintenance included. Purchase systems provide ownership of a 25-year guaranteed clean energy system with options for zero money down, backup power, and energy efficiency. Both options can be explored.

The initial solar consultation is completely free for residents and businesses in Orleans Parish. There is federal funding available through tax incentives for certain solar options and for those qualified.

A solar evaluation reviews eligibility of the owner’s property for a residential or business solar energy system according to several important requirements. A roof and shade analysis is completed, along with a home energy analysis and any other site or owner requirements. The final report is presented to the owner along with their best value solar options.

Two locally-owned and operated businesses have offered to support this program through free residential and commercial solar evaluations. The evaluations and reports are performed by industry experts and are designed to help all New Orleanians find the best solar panel systems for their home or business.

Solar For All NOLA